Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Red Carpet Roxy holding up against the wind
The lovely Amy Smart, one of the stars of "Love N' Dancing"
Comedy legend Betty White working it on the Red Carpet
A gorgeous Leila Arcieri braving the windy evening to support her flick
Songstress and actress Scarlett Pomers
Veteran actor Gregory Harrison who has a part in the film

Even the rare windstorm in Los Angeles tonight didn't halt the stars and dancers from sashaying down the Red Carpet at the Arclight Hollywood for the premiere of "Love N' Dancing" presented by Screen Media Films and The Creative Coalition, starring Amy Smart, Tom Malloy, Betty White, and Billy Zane amongst other talented actors. It also features award-winning Swing Dance Champions and "So You Think You Can Dance" winner Benji Schwimmer. Just as the wind picked up, the stars came rolling down the Red Carpet with their hair blowing in all different directions, trying to keep their clothes in place, but they couldn't have been more enthusiastic about their film.

With the recent passing of renowned actress Bea Arthur, the wounds were still fresh for Betty White. She reminisced about her close confidant,"(Bea was) my dearest friend. She was such a talent. She has left such a hole. Everybody appreciated her. That's the nice part." After "they called me and offered me the part," Betty enjoyed filming this romantic comedy in Albuquerque in "the beautiful country."

The star of one of the original medical dramas on television, handsome Gregory Harrison of "Trapper John, MD" spoke fondly about his days on the "Love N' Dancing" set. When I queried if there was ever to be a remake of his old show, would he be game to don his scrubs and join the cast? He jestingly urged, "Better hurry up and do it before we all drop dead because it has been awhile! It would be fun." The clock is ticking!

Not surprisingly, another dancing themed production was on people's minds-"Dancing with the Stars." In fact, star/writer/producer of "Love N' Dancing," Tom Malloy hedged his bet about DWTS, "I think this year Gilles is going to win, or Melissa. It's tougher for a guy to be able to lead and he can lead." He continued on, "I think next year Tom Malloy is going to win! We'll see!" Is that a hint? I questioned him about who would be his ideal partner and he responded,"Lacey Schwimmer because she is the West Coast Swing Champion and I think we could kill it! I can do a lot better than Steve-O by the way!" He sounds serious!

A Michael Kors clad Leila Arcieri reinforced that she would be up for the challenge of "Dancing with the Stars." Her perfect partner would be the "sexy Latin one. Bring him on! I want one of those!" You said it sister! Up next for Arcieri, a television show in the works centering around 4 hot girls in the city which marries beauty, sex, fashion, and entertainment and "showing some skin." Sounds strangely familiar, but the way she explaining it to me made me feel like there could be a few unexpected twists and turns. Stay tuned.....

Amy Smart, who modeled a sexy Halston mini dress promised, "you can do this (West Coast Swing) dance to any kind of music. Whatever you like, you can dance this dance to." Even though Amy had previously "been a ballerina for 10 years," she "worked really hard" and that the dancing "toned me up." In addition to being extremely excited about her starring role in "Love N' Dancing," she will find out next week if her new television show "See Kate Run" will be picked up for the new season. Fingers crossed!

With a soundtrack provided by Scarlett Pomers and Chicago's own Bihlman Bros., Director Robert Iscove's desired outcome for the film is clear, "Hopefully, it will be the next 'Dirty Dancing.'" Those are some big dancing shoes to fill! Let the dance begin!

"Love N' Dancing" opens this Friday, May 8th in selected cities.

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