Monday, June 22, 2009


As if the city of San Diego, California doesn't have better things to spend millions of dollars on on than ridding a public beach of harbor seals. Back in the 1930's this particular beach was designed as a bathing pool, but after years of erosion, this wading area became a beach and seals eventually took it over and now call this beach home. Millions of tourists come to catch a glimpse of the seals in their natural habitat, and are happy to do so. Well, now a judge (Yuri Hoffman) in San Diego wants to reverse this and kick the seals out using extremely expensive ($700,000) dog barking devices to scare the seals away, then spend additional millions of dollars dredging up the sand and re-creating a wading area (and let's not forget attorney fees). Many locals find it absurd that this judge would use hard earned taxpayers dollars in such a frivolous way and want the seals to be left alone. Also, this is the last beach in the area that isn't populated by humans, so it is really the only place the seals can go.

Click here to watch the "Nightline" report detailing this issue.

Click here to find out how you can help the seals and try to prevent them from losing their home.

Image by Chronicle/Paul Chinn

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